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We believe that the services and opportunities Web3 provides can transform the lives of millions. Join our mission to build a seamless Web3 hub and open ecosystem that enables a fully decentralized world for everyone.

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Join us as we empower millions through
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Our purpose is to give people the power to make their lives better.


Logos of various supported blockchains

Our vision is to help everyone thrive through the freedom to own and to access opportunities, without limits.


Logos of various supported blockchains

Our mission is to build a seamless Web3 hub and open ecosystem that enables a fully decentralized world.


Logos of various supported blockchains

We are user-obsessed. We are humble. We act with integrity. We are open. We are owners.

A message from our CEO

"We are a team that supports each other"

We aim to enable and empower teammates for better work. We are a team that supports each other to maximize our true potential; to constantly learn new skills and build knowledge, conquer challenges, deliver value, and build character.

Eowyn Chen, Trust Wallet CEO

Hey there,

Thanks for your interest in joining the Trust Wallet team.

Since our start in 2017, Trust Wallet has been all about opening doors and empowering people around the world to explore the ever-growing blockchain world. Our mission? To build a seamless web3 gateway and open ecosystem that enables a fully decentralized world. We began as an Ethereum-only mobile wallet, making it super easy for users to hold all their ICO tokens in one handy place. And as the industry expanded, so did we! Trust Wallet now supports 70+ blockchains and a whopping 9 million+ tokens and NFTs, making it the go-to wallet for millions worldwide.

Just like we're all about enabling and empowering people, we're super committed to supporting our team members too! We're a tight-knit group that strives to help each other reach our full potential. Together, we learn, conquer challenges, deliver value, and grow as individuals. We're diverse bunch with different backgrounds, but we all share these important traits:


Belief in the power of crypto and blockchain to make positive changes, without obsessing over market prices.


Passion for learning, stepping outside our comfort zones, and taking extreme ownership (no finger-pointing or excuses here!).


Staying grounded and humble - egos need not apply.


Flexibility, adaptability, and resilience - rigidity just won't cut it.


A laser focus on solving users' problems with a result-oriented mindset - it's all about delivering value and excellence.


High standards for integrity and principles - no room for shortcuts or selfish actions.


Empathy for non-crypto natives and potential partners - we're not just about the crypto diehards.

If our vision and mission get you fired up, and you're on the same wavelength with the traits above, we'd absolutely love to chat, work, and grow with you!

With excitement,

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Trust Wallet's Engineering team is all about building cutting-edge technology for a decentralised experience. We dive into numerous domains, tackling the toughest challenges in crypto. With a focus on high-performance and user-friendly experiences, it's an exhilarating journey for passionate problem-solvers!

Luis Ocegueda, Director of Engineering in Trust Wallet


The product team operates at the crossroads of user-centric design, engineering, and business, focusing on multidisciplinary problem-solving. We drive alignment on user problems and business goals, employing a mix of strategy and tactics. We seek passionate, communicative, and scrappy individuals with a love for crypto and a strong product sense.

Eric Chang, Head of Prduct in Trust Wallet


Our security team is focused on making Web3 safe for everyone that uses Trust Wallet. They diligently develop and implement robust security strategies, continuously monitor potential risks, and adapt to emerging technologies - striving to provide a secure and reliable experience for Trust Wallet's 60M+ users.

Sami Waittinen, Head of Marketing in Trust Wallet


The marketing team is dedicated to sharing the story of Trust Wallet's products through impactful storytelling and focused strategies. With a diverse group of creative individuals, we work together to simplify Web3, shape the future of cryptocurrency, and create meaningful marketing experiences.

Eric Chang, Head of Prduct in Trust Wallet


Operations ensures smooth sailing across the company by managing Customer Support, Finance, and Legal/Compliance. We resolve user issues, create easy-to-understand educational resources, offer insights to the Product and Engineering teams, and drive process improvements for scalability. It's all about supporting Trust Wallet's growth!

Sami Waittinen, Head of Marketing in Trust Wallet

Business Development

The business development team at Trust Wallet focuses on creating vital partnerships, exploring new opportunities, and fueling growth. We embrace the future of crypto daily, making a real impact in the industry.

Brian Tan, Head of Operations in Trust Wallet

Regional Teams

Trust Wallet's Regional Teams strive to create global communities with a local feel, fostering Web3 accessibility for everyone. We’re building an inclusive platform for people from all backgrounds to connect, share ideas, learn about crypto, and navigate the evolving Web3 space. Whether you're new to crypto or an experienced enthusiast, Trust Wallet offers a space for you to share your voice as we make Web3 accessible to all!

Pierre Lavarague, BD Manager in Trust Wallet

Our people commitment

We cultivate a growth mindset and don't set limits

  • A wide range of career advancement opportunities.
  • Learning and development programmes.
  • Resourceful e-learning platforms.
  • New on-job challenges and initiatives.

We offer competitive compensations and prioritize your well being

  • Competitive compensation.
  • Paid time off.
  • Various employee wellbeing schemes.
  • Employee benefits tailored to various life stages.

We foster a working culture that unlocks your full potential

  • Remote and flexible working arrangements.
  • Inclusive and diverse working environment.
  • Fully agile and collaborative.
  • A flat structure without traditional hierarchies.

Our hiring process

Hiring Process within Trust Wallet

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to interview in person?

No. All our interviews and assessments are all conducted virtually, making the process easy and accessible to you.

How long does it take to complete the selection process?

We aim to complete the entire selection process in just 2-4 weeks, from your application to offering, making it efficient and timely.

Do I have to have prior experience in Web 3?

Not necessarily. We trust in your skills and capabilities being transferable. If you're self-driven, have a strong learning ability, and are prepared to adapt to a new sector, we welcome your application with open arms.

How do I know if I’m a good fit for Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet might not be the right place for those who prefer more routine and standardized work. We welcome people who are flexible, adaptable, innovative, self-driven, and have a strong learning agility, embracing the lack of boundaries in what we do.

What’s the working culture?

Our working culture is Simple, Genuine, Honest, Bold, Playful, and Friendly, fostering a productive and supportive environment.

Where is Trust Wallet based?

We’re a truly decentralized team, working from the comfort of our homes all over the world – from APAC to EMEA, Europe to the Americas, and more. We’re connected by our shared goals and passions.

What benefits do you provide?

We're proud to offer competitive benefits that promote healthy and fulfilling careers.

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