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Erik Saltos
February 2018

Simple and very useful. love the fact that is very friendly user. It took me 1 try to put all my tokens into this wallet. Love Trust Wallet

Max Lee
March 2018

Best ERC20 wallet I have ever used so far, simply send your tokens to your Trust wallet ETH wallet and it will auto populate them into the wallet, so far using it to store my ETH, Pay, ICX, MTL, and a bunch more. Also 100% private keys you can import and export tp MIST desktop wallet.

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The best wallet ever!
March 18 by Pd3mdb

Great wallet. The owner has full control and owns the private key! The Admins are very responsive in there Telegram group and are very quick in assisting if needed. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

The king
February 16 by MnM Diaz

Wow can't believe how amazing this app is. You Can really tell how much time the developers spend on this app. Just deleted imtoken from my phone, guess I won't be needing it anymore 🙌