Купить BNB с помощью кредитной карты

BNB is the native token of Binance Chain blockchain. BNB was created by Binance in 2017 as its utility token for discounted trading fees on the Binance Exchange. Today you can use BNB to pay for flights, hotels, collectables, virtual gifts and more. Using Trust Кошелек you can send BNB to anyone in the world.

How to Buy BNB с кредитной картой

Trust Кошелек provides you with an easy way to buy BNB & cryptocurrencies. Purchase BNB and more altcoins directly from Trust Кошелек using a credit card. Buy from as minimum as $50 worth of cryptocurrencies on Trust Кошелек.


Загрузить Trust Кошелек

iOS BNB wallet / Android BNB wallet. Select BNB


Нажмите на кнопку Купить

Enter the amount you want to buy


Используйте вашу кредитную карту

Click Continue and complete the payment.

Trust Кошелек - Your new BNB Кошелек

You can easily manage and store all your cryptocurrencies with our Крипто Кошелек while maintaining complete ownership of funds. Safely store your BNB on Trust Кошелек.

Pay with BNB

Book flights or hotels, pay for your favourite meal and do more with BNB. Use Trust Кошелек to pay for services anywhere in the world.

Trade BNB

Trade or Swap BNB and BEP2 tokens using Trust Кошелек Multi-Dex Feature. Check out real-time prices, market movements, market cap and more information about BNB on your Trust Кошелек App.

Загрузить BNB Кошелек

Trust Кошелек is a multi-coin wallet that is available on both Android and iOS phones. Store your BNB and more altcoins with complete ownership on Trust Кошелек.

Загрузить BNB Кошелек

Загрузите приложение Trust Кошелек прямо сейчас!

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