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7 Reasons Why Trust Wallet is the Best NFT Wallet

Updated on: Nov 17, 2023
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In Brief

Read on to discover why Trust Wallet is the best NFT wallet for newcomers and seasoned NFT collectors alike.

7 Reasons Why Trust Wallet is the Best NFT Wallet

Trust Wallet has established itself as the leading NFT wallet for newcomers and experienced crypto users alike. Here’s why!

Securely storing NFTs is one of the most important aspects of buying, selling, minting, and collecting NFTs, which makes a secure, easy-to-use NFT wallet a must-have for anyone who wants to ape into the latest NFT drops or sell their own collection.

1. An Incredibly User-Friendly Mobile App

It’s no secret that most crypto wallets are difficult to use, especially for first-time users and non-digital natives.

To address this issue, Trust Wallet has put particular focus on making its mobile wallet as user friendly as possible.

The intuitive, gamified design of Trust Wallet allows even the most non-techy crypto newcomers to start using cryptocurrency and exploring the world of NFTs.

Whether you want to top up your Ethereum wallet with ETH to buy NFTs or you want to connect to an NFT marketplace to make your first crypto art purchase, Trust Wallet allows you to do that in an extremely simple and streamlined manner.


2. You Are in Complete Control of Your Funds & NFTs

Trust Wallet is a decentralized mobile wallet that doesn’t hold users’ private keys.

What that means is that only you have control over your digital assets, including your NFT collection. No one else — not even Trust Wallet — can access the digital currencies and tokens held in your wallet.

In light of the sheer number of hacks of centralized crypto platforms, it’s more important than ever to be in complete control of your cryptoassets by using a non-custodial wallet to which only you hold the private keys. That way, you can ensure that only you have access to your digital assets.

3. You Can Buy & Sell NFTs Directly on Dozens of Marketplaces Using Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is one of the leading crypto wallets in the market, which is why most leading NFT marketplaces allow you to connect using your Trust Wallet.

Whether you are using the in-app DApp Browser (if you are an Android user) or connecting to a marketplace using WalletConnect (as an iPhone user), you can directly buy, sell, and mint NFTs on numerous leading NFT marketplaces using Trust Wallet.


4. You Can Seamlessly Send NFTs to Friends

While not all NFT wallets allow you to send your NFTs to other wallets, Trust Wallet enables you to seamlessly send NFTs to friends, family and other NFT fans in the same way you would send a cryptocurrency to another wallet.

5. Supports NFTs on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain

While most NFT wallets only support Ethereum-based NFTs, Trust Wallet supports NFTs on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (with more chains to come!).

That means you can securely store all your Ethereum-based ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens and your Binance Smart Chain-based BEP-721 and BEP1155 tokens in one single app.

In light of the NFT market moving beyond Ethereum onto other chains, Trust Wallet is ahead of the curve by supporting more than one chain in its crypto collectibles wallet.

The wallet’s multi-chain approach allows NFT creators to mint their collections on blockchains that charge lower transaction fees than Ethereum, enabling access to the NFT creator economy for demographics that are hindered by Ethereum’s high gas fees.


6. Easily Access DApps to Stake Your NFTs

Trust Wallet allows you to easily access decentralized applications (DApps) using the in-app DApp browser (if you have an Android phone) or WalletConnect if you are using an iPhone.

By enabling easy access to a wide range of NFT-powered DApps, Trust Wallet users can stake non-fungible tokens to earn yield.

NFT yield farming involves staking non-fungible tokens in a DApp to earn rewards, typically paid in the DApp’s native token. The idea behind this conversion of DeFi and NFTs is to provide utility and liquidity to non-fungible tokens.

So, instead of purely holding onto your NFT collection, you could stake a select few NFTs to earn yield on your crypto art or collectibles, providing you with a crypto income stream. Trust Wallet users can do this directly with the app by connecting to NFT farming DApps with just a few clicks.

7. The App Doesn’t Collect User Data

Finally, Trust Wallet doesn’t collect user data.

We want to preserve our users’ privacy so we have built the app in a way that doesn’t collect user data. No names, no phone numbers, no email address.

In the age of surveillance capitalism and mass surveillance, crypto offers a beacon of hope for individuals who want to preserve their financial sovereignty. We have built Trust Wallet in a way that allows our users to do that.


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Note: Any cited numbers, figures, or illustrations are reported at the time of writing, and are subject to change.

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