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Blockchain Games on Binance Smart Chain: Here’s What You Can Play

Shafin Rizvi

Blockchain has evolved from the tech powering cryptocurrencies to a solution for many industries, with online gaming at the very top. Blockchain gaming allows for fast and secure in-game payments and grants immutable proof of ownership of game items via NFTs.

The addition of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the blockchain gaming realm adds a social and competitive component to the acquisition, collection, and trading of NFTs, making this new technology more accessible and engaging for a mainstream audience.

In this guide, you will discover five blockchain games you can play on Binance Smart Chain today.


BitiBots is a thrilling mix of yield farming and gaming on Binance Smart Chain.

The DApp follows a simple plot — building and breeding bitibots to fend off attacks from enemy bots called destrobots in BitiCity. You can own a bitibot by constructing one using 1 BNB or buying used ones in the marketplace.

Each bitibot is a non-fungible token and has a unique five-digit sequence on the blockchain. It can be common, uncommon, or rare. It consists of head, body, mouth, eye, and mental traits.

Constructing a bitibot from scratch makes it a generation 0 bot, which can be bred to produce offspring/generations with better qualities needed to fight and defend the virtual city. Only bots with similar eye traits can be bred together, and the higher the generation, the higher the rewards after completing tasks. Other generations of bots passively earn rewards in BITI — the game’s utility token.

Bitibots have a capped supply at 10,000, and breeding a pair of bots leads to the death of the parents, reducing the circulating amount.

Mythic Creeps

Mythic Creeps is a rousing game that uses Mythic, the native utility token, to create NFTs called “creeps” that you can use to battle other users and earn yields.

Creeps come in four different levels: basic, super, epic, and legendary. Minting a basic creep starts you at level 1, while others put you on higher levels. Those carry additional costs, with legendary creeps being the most expensive.

To enter a battleground with your creep, you need to stake some BNB, and you can battle to earn crypto.

  • Active battling: Stake BNB and join the battle. If your creep wins, it gets leveled up and your stake doubles.

  • Passive battling: Receive up to 3% of your opponent’s stake if your creep is randomly attacked and you win. Winning battles also increases your creep’s attributes, such as magic attack and magic defense.

Battle Pets

Battle Pets has a similar plot to CryptoKitties, except you can do many more with your pet in this game.

Your virtual pet is a non-fungible token (BEP-721) token and can hatch into a kitten, puppy, or bunny. You can buy these eggs in the in-game shop using $PET, BNB, BUSD, BNB, or USDT or BakerySwap using BAKE. After collecting eggs, you incubate and grow them to increase their battle power, experience, and stamina, as well as arm them with weapons.

Aside from fighting on battlefields, you can also challenge other users, set up group battles, and fight other users’ pets to earn $PET — the platform’s utility token.

With every win, your pet increases in qualities. You can also put up your pet for sale in the in-app market or BSC-powered NFT marketplaces.

Foxy Equilibrium

Foxy Equilibrium is a simple game that centers around an NFT called FoxyNFT (FNFT). Players purchase them using FOXY (the game’s utility token), level them up by feeding them, and claim daily rewards.

Each NFT comes in three “intelligence levels” — Crazy, Normal, and Smart, with the smart ones generating the highest daily rewards.

The exciting thing is that you have access to other users’ FNFTs in the “Hunter’s tab.” You can find other FNFTs that are not well fed and kill them to win EXP (a point-reared system). Propping up your pet to level 100 allows you to claim a treasure box with different tokens and rewards.


NFTBox allows you to collect boxes containing unique NFT cards and farm BNB with them.

The platform currently partners with two art projects — Onmyoji *and *Kingdom — to provide these boxes. Each box costs just 0.1 BNB, and there is no limit to the number you can buy. There are three pools in which you can then stake your cards.

  • Farming pool: You can deposit combined cards into a pool to earn yields. You can check what cards you need to combine under Combine Guide to determine your share in the farming pool.

  • Bonuses pool: This section allows you to purchase special cards and stake them to earn daily cuts.

  • Mining pool: Here, you can stake your cards to mine NB (the platform’s native token).

What’s more, you can list your cards on the marketplace or auction special cards to sell to the highest bidder.

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