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How to Buy, Breed, and Sell CryptoKitties Using Trust Wallet

Luke Pettit

Learn everything you need to know the get started with the O.G. of NFT collectible games, CryptoKitties.

The NFT market is booming, but how did it all start? For most of us, it started with virtual kittens. That’s right, we’re talking about CryptoKitties.

In this guide, you will learn how to buy, sell, and breed CryptoKitties using Trust Wallet.

CryptoKitties: A Long Story Short

CryptoKitties launched in November 2017 as one of the first blockchain-based games out there. Now, there are more of these games than you can even shake a stick at it, many taking inspiration from CryptoKitties.

Each cat is actually a token known as a non-fungible token (NFT).

Every NFT is unique with its own characteristics unlike, let’s say, one Monero (XMR). One XMR can be swapped directly for another XMR with no issues, as they are fungible. NFTs, on the other hand, are more like a rare piece of art or shiny trading cards.

So, each cat is actually an NFT that gives it unique characteristics and traits. It looks like the perfect recipe for a hyped-up trading game craze with cool-looking animals.

The mechanics of the game are pretty straight forward:

Buying & Selling Virtual Cats

Getting your hands on your own CryptoKitty is as simple as buying one from the in-game marketplace. The prices vary wildly depending on the traits and genetics of each cat, and some have even been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can also sell any CryptoKitty that you own or sire more by breeding two different CryptoKitties.


By taking two CryptoKitties and breeding them, you can create a new unique cat with some traits from the previous generation. They can also take on mutations that are brand new traits.

After breeding, there is a cooldown period before you can use the same CryptoKitties to create new cats.

Using Trust Wallet with CryptoKitties

The inbuilt Trust Wallet DApp Browser makes creating an account and linking your wallet to the game as simple as possible.

The first step on your way to CryptoKitties adventure is opening up your DApp Browser, and heading to the CryptoKitties website. Your Trust Wallet will automatically connect during the sign-up process, saving you having to add it manually yourself.

At this point, you’ll find yourself back on the home screen, logged in, and ready to play around with some digital cats.

After creating your account, it’s a good idea to get your hands on a CryptoKitty or two and to start breeding them. To do this, you need to head to the marketplace and find yourself a couple of funky-looking (affordable!) cats.

Click on the magnifying glass button at the top and head to the For Sale section. Once you’re in the marketplace, you can see the option to buy a CryptoKitty and even pay to breed with other cats.

Let’s take a look at this stunningly beautiful CryptoKitty called tail?.

You can buy the cat outright or make an offer if you think that its price isn’t suitable. The price comes from its attributes, which make up the genetics of the cat. The rarer the genetics, the more that can be charged. Unfortunately for tail?, he doesn’t come from that good stock making his price a fairly measly $9.67.

Once you’ve decided on buying the cat, press the Buy with ETH button and pay your gas fees.

There is a bit of a hitch though… gas fees are huge at the moment. Buying old tail? over here would actually cost us a whopping $174.33 in gas fees. But if you have the money or simply just love digital cats, then why not.

When it comes to breeding your virtual kittens, you have the option of either breeding two of your own or using a public sire.

Breeding your own cats can be done by heading to your litter and choosing which cat should be the *Sire *(father).

Once you’ve chosen, click the *Breed *button that will then prompt you to choose a *Dame *(mother).

After giving them a little privacy and paying your birthing fee you should then end up with a brand new, unique CryptoKitty. The process with a public Sire is the same. You just need to head to the marketplace and pick a suitably cool Kitty.

Depending on your luck, you might have come out with a CryptoKitty that is rare enough for you to want to sell on. These cats have gone for huge amounts in the past and are still worth a pretty penny. Putting your cat up for sale is the easy part, but getting the fortune you want to charge can be difficult.

Begin by selecting the CryptoKitty you want to sell in your litter. Click the Sell Kitty button and start filling out the sale information. You will need to choose a start price, end price, and duration for the sale. The longer your CryptoKitty stays on the market, the more the price drops to meet your end price. Now all you need is a top CryptoKitties breeder to snap up your cat or a lonely soul looking for a digital Kitty for some company.

Keeping Your Cats Safe in Trust Wallet

Just when you thought Trust Wallet couldn’t get any more cat-friendly, the team now has put a crypto collectibles wallet right into the app itself.

You can store your CryptoKitties by sending them to the Ethereum public address in the Collectibles section.

The ecosystem of NFTs is a bit of a weird and wonderful one, but you can’t go wrong getting stuck in with the game that made the genre. There are plenty of other copycats (pardon the pun) out there, but there’s only one CryptoKitties.

Download Trust Wallet today to start your NFT journey.

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