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Celebrating International Women's Day: Empowering Voices from Trust Wallet

Published on: Mar 8, 2024
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In Brief

Trust Wallet honors International Women's Day by highlighting the impactful contributions and voices of women in tech and crypto

Celebrating International Women's Day: Empowering Voices from Trust Wallet

In honor of International Women's Day and Employee Appreciation Day, Trust Wallet is proud to celebrate the invaluable contributions of women in the tech and cryptocurrency sectors. We are taking this opportunity to shine a light on the women who play a pivotal role at Trust Wallet and the broader blockchain industry. Their insights, expertise, and leadership continue to inspire and drive innovation within the Web3 community.

I see technology bringing more power and freedom to normal people who have no easy access. I hope to contribute to the movement that allows normal people to be empowered to create and fulfil their potential in a sustainable and rewarding manner. - Eowyn Chen, CEO.

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Why Web3? Why Trust Wallet?

The appeal of Web3 and crypto is clear, offering new and exciting possibilities in finance and technology. Our team members come from various backgrounds, each bringing a unique perspective to the evolving landscape of web3 and crypto. Here's what they had to say about what attracted them to this dynamic field and how Trust Wallet aligns with their aspirations:

Overcoming Challenges with Community and Support

The journey in web3 can be as challenging as it is exciting. Our team members share how they've navigated these waters :

Advice for Aspiring Women in Crypto/Web3

Our team members also have words of wisdom for women considering a career in this innovative space:

What This Day Means to Us

At Trust Wallet, we see these celebrations as an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work, resilience, and creativity of women globally and within our own team. They serve as a reminder of our commitment to fostering an environment where diverse perspectives and experiences are valued and celebrated.

Trust Wallet remains dedicated to diversity and equity in the tech industry. We invite individuals from all backgrounds to join us in shaping the future of web3 and crypto, bringing their unique insights and creativity to our collective journey :

Happy International Women's Day from everyone at Trust Wallet!

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