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AirNFTs - A Leading NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Motolani Victor

Do you want to buy, sell and collect NFTs without high gas fees or long wait times? This is what the recently launched one-stop marketplace for trading NFTs on Binance Smart Chain, AirNFTs, offers.

Introducing AirNFTs

AirNFTs is a new NFT marketplace on Binance’s fast-growing new smart-contract chain, Binance Smart Chain. Launched in May 2021, AirNFTs has already grown tremendously. The platform is currently #9 in DApp Radar marketplace rankings and has reached the top five before.

The main aim of AirNFTs is to solve the issues of traditional NFT marketplaces. Targeting the drawbacks of high fees, long wait times, and poor user experience, AirNFTs is on its way to change the crypto collectibles industry.

Setting itself apart from other marketplaces, AirNFTs offers its native token $AIRT as a reward to buyers and sellers at every transaction. $AIRT rewards the most active on the platform with governance rights, and you can farm it for staking rewards.

What’s more, AirNFTs has an ambitious roadmap with plans to introduce Royalties to benefit artists from their secondary sales, provide cross-blockchain compatibility, and build a launchpad allowing users to fundraise for an artist owning a portion of their royalties.

Read on to learn more about AirNFTs and the ease of using the DApp within Trust Wallet.

The Growing NFT Market on BSC

2021 has been the year of NFTs.

With a spike in their popularity, the world has embraced the authentic and decentralized ownership model these assets offer. As NFTs expand to all asset classes that benefit from them, you will no longer have to worry about fakes or knock-offs imitating legitimate products.

As great as that is, there is a barrier to entry into the NFT marketplace. The dominant NFT blockchain, Ethereum, excludes many collectors and creators due to its high gas fees and lengthy wait times.

Sometimes gas fees can be so high on Ethereum that minting an NFT can cost more than your selling price.


Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is virtually identical to Ethereum in its code, provides the same services with near-zero gas fees alongside near-instant speeds. Keen to take advantage of these features, NFT platforms have begun exploring BSC for a more inclusive collectibles marketplace.

Many NFT marketplaces have propped up on the BSC these past several months, including Treasureland, CryptoBlades Marketplace, Liquidifty, and Enter. AirNFTs takes the #1 position as the current highest-ranked NFT platform on the chain.

How to Mint, Buy, and Sell NFTs on AirNFT

Whether selling or buying, AirNFTs makes it fast and uncomplicated.

How To Access AirNFTs

  1. In Trust Wallet, use the bottom navigation bar to select the DApp Browser.

  2. Enter in the address bar at the top.

  3. Observe the network icon in the top right to confirm the network is Binance Smart Chain. If not, tap the icon to change it.

Minting an NFT

  1. Once on the platform, select the ‘Create’ button in the top right.

  2. On the following screen, enter a name, description, price (in BNB), and upload the image of your NFT.

  3. Tap the ‘Approve’ button at the bottom of the fields and approve the transaction on the upcoming screen.

There you go, your NFT is minted and on the market awaiting a buyer!

Buying an NFT

Before buying an NFT, you will have to find one you like. You have a few options. One is to use the search bar in the top right of the homepage to find something specific.

Alternatively, you could scroll through the various sections on the home page. Top artists and featured NFTs are both listed there. Scrolling down on the home page will display the Explore section.

There, you can explore NFTs by categories such as game NFTs or music NFTs. You may also choose to filter the listings by price, most upvotes, and more.

Once you have chosen an NFT to purchase, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the NFT to view its page.

  2. Click ‘Buy’ to initiate the purchase.

  3. On the next screen, approve the transaction.

Congratulations on your first AirNFT purchase!

Trust Wallet: Your Gateway to NFTs

Equipped with native support for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain NFTs, Trust Wallet makes it easy to enter the NFT world. You can view marketplaces using the built-in DApp browser allowing you to buy, sell, and store NFTs using the mobile app.

Moreover, Trust Wallet supports all major token standards, NFTs or altcoins alike. So, the same wallet you store and trade your AirNFTs on is the same wallet you can store and farm your rewarded $AIRT.

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