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The Merlin Chain and MERL Token: Explained

Published on: May 1, 2024
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In Brief

Explore the Merlin Chain, a Bitcoin native Layer 2 solution. Learn about its origins, the MERL token and more.

The Merlin Chain and MERL Token: Explained

As the Web3 space continues to evolve and innovation scales, Layer 2 solutions, like the Merlin Chain, have emerged as a pivotal component—offering ways to address the scalability challenges of the Bitcoin network. In this article, we explore Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions, focusing specifically on the Merlin Chain and its native token, MERL.

Before you explore the Merlin Chain in more detail, remember that you can explore and manage Bitcoin Layer 2 tokens using Trust Wallet, including assets on the Merlin blockchain.


What is The Merlin Chain?

The Merlin Chain is a Bitcoin Layer 2 solution. The Merlin Chain integrates the ZK-Rollup network, decentralized oracle network, Data Availability and on-chain BTC fraud proof modules. The Merlin Chain’s primary objective is to empower Bitcoin's native assets, protocols, and products on Layer 1 through its Layer 2 network, with a goal to “Make Bitcoin Fun Again.”

The Merlin Chain is a relatively new project, having launched in January 2024. The Merlin Chain emerged as an offshoot from Bitmap Technology. Bitmap Technology was founded by Jeff Merlin. The Merlin Chain’s goal is to empower Bitcoin itself, not replace it.

How Does The Merlin Chain Work?

The Merlin Chain integrates cutting-edge layer 2 technology solutions within the Bitcoin network. The Merlin Chain aims to elevate its capabilities, minimize transaction expenses, and accelerate transaction processing. While Bitcoin's layer 1 blockchain often grapples with issues like network congestion, sluggish processing times, steep transaction fees, and limited innovation prospects, The Merlin Chain's layer 2 solution presents a stark contrast. The Merlin Chain offers boundless transaction capacity, cost-efficient operations, swift transaction speeds, and fosters innovation within the Bitcoin Layer 1 ecosystem.


Key Features of The Merlin Chain

The Merlin Chain operates as a Layer 2 solution within the Bitcoin network, employing a combination of innovative technologies to enhance scalability, efficiency, and functionality. Let's explore into how each component works:

ZK-Rollup Network

The ZK-Rollup network is a key feature of the Merlin Chain, designed to compress multiple transaction proofs into batches using zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs). This allows for significant reduction of data size while maintaining the integrity and security of transactions. By bundling transactions together, the ZK-Rollup network minimizes the computational load on the main Bitcoin blockchain, alleviating network congestion and improving transaction throughput. Additionally, ZKPs ensure privacy by obscuring transaction details while still enabling their verification.

Decentralized Oracle Network

The decentralized oracle network is another critical component of the Merlin Chain, tasked with providing external data to the blockchain in a trustless manner. Oracles fetch real-world data, such as asset prices or weather conditions, and feed it into the blockchain for smart contract execution. In the context of Merlin Chain, the decentralized oracle network ensures the integrity of off-chain data used in transactions or smart contracts. This expands the range of applications that developers can build on the Merlin Chain while maintaining security and reliability.

Data Availability

Data Availability is essential for ensuring that transaction data is accessible to all participants in the network. In the context of the Merlin Chain, data availability mechanisms ensure that transaction data and proofs are widely disseminated across the network, enabling validators to verify transactions efficiently. This redundancy helps to guard against data loss or manipulation, enhancing the overall security and robustness of the network.

On-chain BTC Fraud Proof Modules

The on-chain BTC fraud proof modules serve as a safeguard against fraudulent activities within the Merlin Chain network. In the event of a dispute or suspected fraud, challengers can present fraud proofs on-chain, leveraging Bitcoin's robust consensus mechanism to resolve the issue. This ensures the security and integrity of the Merlin Chain network, fostering trust among participants.

How Merlin Chain Fits into the Bitcoin Ecosystem

The Merlin Chain seamlessly integrates into the Bitcoin ecosystem as a Layer 2 solution. It offers complementary infrastructure that enhances the capabilities of the underlying Bitcoin network. Here's how:

Scalability Enhancement

As a Layer 2 solution, Merlin Chain alleviates the scalability constraints of the Bitcoin network by processing transactions off-chain. By batching multiple transactions into a single transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain, Merlin Chain significantly increases transaction throughput and reduces congestion, thereby enhancing scalability.

Efficiency Improvements

By leveraging Layer 2 technologies such as ZK-Rollups, Merlin Chain improves the efficiency of transaction processing. ZK-Rollups enable Merlin Chain to compress transaction data and verify transactions off-chain, reducing computational overhead and speeding up transaction confirmation times.

Cost Reduction

Merlin Chain helps to reduce transaction costs associated with using the Bitcoin network. By processing transactions off-chain, Merlin Chain minimizes the amount of data that needs to be stored and processed on the Bitcoin blockchain, resulting in lower transaction fees for users.


Despite operating as a Layer 2 solution, Merlin Chain maintains interoperability with the Bitcoin network. Users can seamlessly transfer assets between the Bitcoin blockchain and Merlin Chain, enabling frictionless interaction between the two networks.


Merlin Chain inherits the security properties of the Bitcoin network, ensuring a high level of security for transactions processed on the Layer 2 solution. Additionally, Merlin Chain implements mechanisms such as decentralized oracle networks and on-chain fraud proofs to further enhance security and prevent fraudulent activities.

What is MERL Token?

The MERL token is the native cryptocurrency of the Merlin Chain ecosystem. The Merlin Crypto (MERL) serves a variety of purposes within the network, including:

MERL Tokenomics


Deposit MERL and Other Assets on the Merlin Chain

You can easily deposit the MERL token as well as assets on the Merlin Chain using Trust Wallet. Here’s how:


From here you have two options. You can either:

  1. Copy your deposit address and use that on your exchange account or other crypto wallet to send funds to.

  2. Use the “Deposit from exchange” option to deposit crypto seamlessly from your exchange account (if your exchange supports this option).

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