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Optimize Your Ethereum DApp for the Trust Wallet Browser

Updated on: Nov 20, 2023
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In Brief

Making sure that your Ethereum DApp is optimized for the Trust Wallet browser gives you the best chance at reaching as many users as possible. The process fortunately is straightforward and simple.

Optimize Your Ethereum DApp for the Trust Wallet Browser

With over five million mobile downloads, Trust Wallet is by far one of the most popular wallets for those who want access to their digital assets and DApps in one easy place. This makes improving the functionality of your DApp in the Trust Wallet browser a good path for growing your user base. You can enable new users to access your platform within the Trust Wallet app in a way they are already comfortable with.

Trust Wallet prides itself on having a large and active user base supporting the decentralized wallet. By making sure that your app is optimized well for the Trust Wallet Browser, you too can take advantage of the amazing community already present. You can also get in touch with the Trust Wallet team via Trust Wallet Community for more promotional opportunities when your DApp is fully optimized for the browser.

Preparing your DApp for Trust

The Trust Wallet App currently offers

There are straightforward and simple steps any blockchain developer can implement to take full advantage of the Trust Wallet app. The list isn’t long, but each stage is critical to making sure that your users get the best experience possible.

MetaMask is a Good Starting Point

If you’re already familiar with MetaMask for developing your Ethereum DApps, you’re off to a good start in terms of optimization. When choosing MetaMask as your dev tool, the web3 development process is the same. This makes it a recommended choice for DApp development and provides a pretty quick and easy rule: if it works with MetaMask, it will work well with Trust Wallet.

Create a Mobile-Friendly UI

The users of the Trust Wallet app can be split into two groups: those using the app on Android and those using it with an iOS device (in TestFlight). Your DApp must be developed with a mobile-friendly UI in mind, as this is the primary method of access for Trust Wallet users.

iOS users also need the latest build of any DApp to be uploaded to TestFlight for them to access it. UI/UX design should also play a part in your considerations for providing the best in wallet experience.

Mastering Web 3

Web 3 is the real powerhouse when it comes to developing DApps and governing their interactions with Ethereum nodes. A well-optimized DApp for the Trust Wallet browser needs to have the most up-to-date Web3 open-source JavaScript library.

The DApp also must be EIP1193 (Ethereum Improvement Protocol 1193) compatible, allowing for a higher degree of wallet interoperability when an API is exposed through JavaScript objects in the Ethereum DApp.

If you are using MetaMask as your developer tool, keep in mind their decision to stop injecting the web3.js API. This can seriously affect the compatibility between your DApp and the Trust Wallet browser if not taken into consideration.

Test Your DApp on Both Android and iOS

Because Trust Wallet users access their wallets using either an Android or iOS device, your app must be thoroughly tested for both systems. It’s not uncommon for issues to occur on one operating system but not on the other. It’s an easy step to take in the optimization process, but one of the most important. Simply open up your DApp with the Trust Wallet browser on both an Android and iOS device and test out all of the app’s functionalities, such as depositing or sending tokens.

Raise Issues in the trust-web3-provider Repo

Sometimes you will run into issues with the TrustWeb3Provider when fine-tuning and optimizing your DApp. The web3 javascript wrapper provider however does allow for you to directly file any issues through GitHub. The development team will then be able to help or provide support for any queries you have.

Mobile browsers for both iOS and Android devices do not natively support Web3, so this is a key issue to take note of. Your links within your DApp therefore must be turned into deep links that combine numerous steps into one simple, easy click. Users that have to follow long and tedious chains of links are much less likely to use the app, so deep links really are necessary.

Trust Wallet makes use of for dynamic deep links as it offers different, simple ways to create links in your DApp. Avoiding pop-ups and reducing the work that a user has to do when following links is much easier once you get to grips with how works. You can read more information about deep links, here.

Get into the Trust Wallet’s DApp Browser Listings

For users to easily access your DApp within the Trust Wallet browser, we encourage you to submit it to be added to the in-app browser listing. This requires a small fee to be paid in TWT or BNB for each DApp submission. Here’s the overall process:

  1. You must first upload your DApp image files (.png, etc.) to the Trust Wallet repo.

  2. Backlinks must be added from your main site to

  3. Deep links must be fully functional

  4. The DApp should then be thoroughly tested for both iOS and Android devices.

  5. The Trust Wallet DApp submission form then needs to be completed.

After successfully submitting your application to be listed, the Trust Wallet team will evaluate the project and get back to you with their decision.

Leverage the Whole Community

Creating and optimizing your DApp doesn’t have to be something done alone! Working together as part of our decentralized community ultimately helps us all make the most of the technology that we know and love.

If you’re interested in giving your app the best chance of being accepted to the Trust Wallet platform, then the steps outlined above are absolutely necessary to take. If you have any questions you can find us at Trust Wallet Community

Trust Wallet is proud of maintaining high standards of quality for their listed DApps, where user experience is right at the center stage. As a developer, you have an important role in making sure that you have optimized your app according to our guidelines and advice. At the end of the day, we all benefit from having optimized DApps for us to use and enjoy.


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Note: Any cited numbers, figures, or illustrations are reported at the time of writing, and are subject to change.

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