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Seamless BSC Swaps With Thorchain and Expanded Chain Support Including Mantle, Axelar, & More

Published on: Nov 21, 2023
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In Brief

This week's roundup for the week of November 21st.

Seamless BSC Swaps With Thorchain and Expanded Chain Support Including Mantle, Axelar, & More

We’re excited to introduce new features and improvements to the Trust Wallet mobile experience. Here’s what’s new:

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BSC Cross-Swaps via Thorchain

What: We've integrated BSC cross-swaps through Thorchain into Trust Wallet. This means you can now perform cross-chain swaps directly within the app.

Why: This integration is all about providing flexibility and efficiency. Cross-swapping capabilities simplify the trading process, making it faster and more user-friendly. It's a step forward in our commitment to offering a seamless crypto experience.

New blockchains and staking options

What: More blockchains and staking options:

Why: Expanding our support for these chains allows you to access a wider range of cryptocurrencies and staking options. Staking is a great way to earn rewards on your holdings, and we're excited to provide more opportunities for our users to grow their assets.

Mantle Mainnet Integration

What: We now supports direct dApp connectivity and $MNT token transactions on the Mantle Mainnet. This integration allows users to seamlessly access dApps and manage $MNT tokens directly in the app.

Why: These features enhance the user experience by providing easy access to Mantle's diverse dApp ecosystem and simplifying $MNT token transactions.

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