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Top 5 Tokenized Sports Memorabilia Fans Should Know About

Motolani Victor

Discover a list of the top sports NFTs selling for thousands of dollars to avid fans and collectors.

Sports NFTs are booming. From the NBA to the biggest football clubs in the world, more and more athletes, clubs, and sports are jumping on the crypto collectibles bandwagon.

In this article, you will learn about the five biggest sports NFTs you can buy and collect today.

1. NBA Topshot

NBA Topshot is a basketball collectibles game on the Ethereum blockchain.

Users get to collect NBA highlights called “Moments” of their favorite players and games. Moments come in packs, single entities in the marketplace, or limited releases in the challenge section.

Packs contain 2–4 moments and they can cost as little as $9 or as much as $1K depending on the highlights’ number and quality. The marketplace contains moments of your favorite teams or players.

The NBA-licensed platform seeks to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and the public with its user-friendly gameplay. So far, it has been an enormous success, with a $32M peak daily trading volume within just one year of launch.

2. Sorare

Sorare is the most popular football fantasy crypto card trading game available today.

The blockchain game allows users to purchase cards of their favorite players, build teams, and earn points based on their players’ real-world performances.

The cards come in different rarity levels: Common, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique.

Common cards are given to new users to form their team. The other three cards are non-fungible tokens with a capped supply (100, 10, and 1, respectively). They can be bought and used for the game or listed on popular NFT markets like OpenSea.

Sorare keeps drawing more football enthusiasts, recording monthly volumes of more than $18M.

3. F1 Delta Time.

F1 Delta Time is an Ethereum-based Formula One game developed by Animoca Brands. It features two parts — collectibles trading and racing, giving users the double thrill of can participate in exciting racing tournaments and acquiring collectibles that can be sold both on and off the platform.

The platform utilizes two tokens:

  1. **REVV **- REVV is the utility token that is used for all in-app transactions. It’s an ERC20 token and can be purchased on popular decentralized exchanges.

  2. F1 Delta NFTs are ERC-721 tokens, and they include cars, tires, components, trinkets, drivers, and even race tracks. Each NFT type possesses unique stats or qualities and is minted in limited amounts. The NFTs also come in different rarity levels - Common, Epic, Legendary, and Apex. The common ones are more available and worth less, while legendary NFTs have more worth in racing qualities and are rarer. Apex level NFTs are one-of-a-kind NFTs, released on special events.

They can be used or sold to other plays in-game or traded on other exchanges like OpenSea, Superare, etc.

Considering what sport the platform was modeled after, F1 Delta Time has lived up to expectations, with up to $1M in weekly trading volumes. A race track sold last December for $220K.

4. Rob Gronkowski Championship Series NFTs

Gronk, the famous NFL player, partnered with OpenSea to mint and sell five sets of digital collectibles for his Superbowl winnings throughout his career.

The Rob Gronkowski Championship Series Collection comprises four limited edition tokenized cards and a 1-in-1 Career Highlight NFTs commemorating Gronk’s four championships.

The special edition Career Highlight NFT is a mash-up of the four limited edition cards. Gronk digitally signed it, and owning it comes with additional benefits, including the chance to meet the star, two tickets to attend one of his NFL games, and VIP tickets to his next beach party.

The collectibles are minted on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC721 tokens, and except for the Career highlight card, which is one piece, the tokenized collectibles are 87 each. The five cards were auctioned on OpenSea two weeks ago, and they sold for a combined 860 ETH (over $1.4M).

Gronk is the first athlete to auction off his lifetime wins as NFTs. This historic move is predicted to pave the way for other sports celebrities to turn their attention to the NFT world, a potentially profiting move for both creators and collectors.

5. MLB Champions NFTs

MLB Champions is an incredible blend of Major League Baseball and the crypto collectibles world.

Using fantasy collectibles, users get to play simulated baseball games with other players and earn stats based on their performances. The collectibles are created on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC 721 tokens and are sellable on NFT marketplaces.

Although the MLB withdrew its licensing partnership with the NFT project’s developers leaving the NFTs last year, MLB Champions’ market is suddenly back. Sales have snowballed, shooting from essentially nothing this time last year to more than $50K in just two weeks. The formerly dormant NFTs are now being traded actively on OpenSea.

The Bottom Line

NFTs provide an avenue for athletes and clubs to monetize their achievements in a trusted, digital format. For collectors, it is a remarkable way to connect with their sports idols and (potentially) generate a profit on their collectibles collections.

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