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Trust Wallet Adds BRC-20 Token Support

Published on: Mar 19, 2024
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In Brief

Explore BRC-20 tokens with Trust Wallet: Seamless support for Bitcoin blockchain's latest token standard. Send, receive, and store BRC-20 assets easily.

Trust Wallet Adds BRC-20 Token Support

We're pleased to announce native BRC-20 token support for Trust Wallet. In addition to supporting 10M+ assets, you can now use your Trust Wallet to seamlessly send, receive, and store BRC-20 tokens such as ORDI, SATS, and others. To access the feature, be sure to get the latest version of Trust Wallet.


What are BRC-20 Tokens?

BRC-20 stands for Bitcoin Request for Comment, and it’s a token standard that aims to follow in the footsteps of ERC-20 on Ethereum. This standard allows for the creation and transfer of fungible tokens on the bitcoin blockchain. It was introduced in March 2023 by an anonymous developer known as Domo, responding to a demand for such tokens within the Bitcoin environment, which lacks the native token creation and management functionalities present in networks like Ethereum.

The foundation of BRC-20 tokens lies in the ordinals protocol, which facilitates numbering individual satoshis (the smallest unit of bitcoin) and enables attaching additional data to them through a process called "inscription." This capability allows for representing a token's attributes, such as its value, ownership details, or even an item's unique information like serial numbers or proof of ownership.

BRC-20 tokens have garnered significant attention for their potential use-cases, including their role in the NFT space. They can represent ownership of not just digital assets but also real-world items like property or vehicles, by embedding crucial information directly into the bitcoin blockchain.

Learn more about BRC-20 tokens:

Getting Started BRC-20 Tokens with Trust Wallet

Depositing BRC-20 tokens to your Trust Wallet address is a seamless process. Here are the simple steps:


Learn more about BRC-20 token management.

Looking Ahead

The addition of BRC-20 token support lays the foundation to bring many more exciting features to Trust Wallet, that will help users explore the Bitcoin ecosystem in new ways. Stay tuned as we expand our offerings to include deeper integration with Bitcoin-based applications, and enhance all the features tailored for BRC-20 tokens.

Be sure to get the most updated version of Trust Wallet so you always have the latest features.


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