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Trust Wallet Officially Becomes ISO Certified

Published on: Feb 7, 2024
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In Brief

Discover Trust Wallet's commitment to security and privacy with our official ISO 27001 and 27701 certifications. Learn about our commitment to safety and security.

Trust Wallet Officially Becomes ISO Certified

Key takeaways:

We're thrilled to share some fantastic news that marks a significant milestone in our journey. Trust Wallet has been endorsed with the ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications. This achievement is a testament to our dedication to upholding the highest standards of security and privacy in the crypto wallet space.

As a crypto wallet and Web3 platform that's used by millions of people around the world, we understand the immense responsibility we carry in ensuring the security and privacy of our users' assets and information. This recent achievement of obtaining the ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications isn’t just a mark of prestige, but a clear indication of our unwavering commitment to our security foundations. We’re dedicated to continuously upholding and enhancing these standards, providing our users with the most secure and trustworthy platform in the digital asset space.

Understanding the ISO Certifications

ISO/IEC 27001 Certification: This endorsement is for our top-notch information security management system. It's a seal of approval that we comply with globally accepted practices for safeguarding your digital assets and information.

ISO/IEC 27701 Certification: This certification acknowledges our comprehensive privacy management system, ensuring that we align with internationally recognized privacy norms. It's about keeping your personal information secure and private, just the way it should be.

Why This Matters to You

Achieving the ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications goes beyond mere recognition for Trust Wallet. These are symbols of our deep commitment to keeping your digital assets and personal information secure. When you use Trust Wallet, you can trust that we are upholding the highest standards of security and privacy. We ensure that every transaction and every piece of personal information is protected using advanced encryption and privacy protocols.

The importance of these certifications is directly reflected in how we handle your data. We aim to create a safe and reliable environment for you to manage your digital assets. When you choose Trust Wallet, you are choosing a platform committed to offering the most secure experience in the digital wallet space. As a Trust Wallet u

The Journey to Certification

Achieving these certifications involved a rigorous and detailed assessment that spanned several months. This process, conducted by the esteemed security and compliance firm A-LIGN, scrutinized every aspect of our security and privacy measures. This thorough inspection underscores our dedication to adhering to international standards in every facet of our operations.

Our Ongoing Commitment

While we celebrate this milestone, our journey doesn't stop here. We will continue to participate in regular audits and update our practices to stay aligned with these prestigious certifications. Our goal is to continually enhance our platform, ensuring Trust Wallet remains your safest and most reliable choice for managing cryptocurrencies.


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