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Trust Wallet SWIFT: Understanding Passkeys and Recoverability

Published on: Feb 22, 2024
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In Brief

Learn to secure and recover your SWIFT wallet with passkeys. Discover where your passkeys are stored, why they’re important, and how to set one up.

Trust Wallet SWIFT: Understanding Passkeys and Recoverability

In this guide, you’ll learn why passkeys are important, how to create a passkey for your SWIFT wallet, and how to recover your wallet in the event that you lose your device, wallet or cloud account.

Key Takeaways:

To access Trust Wallet SWIFT ensure you have the most updated version of Trust Wallet, and use these instructions to get started.


Creating a Passkey for Your SWIFT Wallet

A passkey is automatically created when you create a SWIFT Wallet. Passkeys are encrypted digital keys which you create using your fingerprint or face biometrics. They are also securely saved to your password manager so you can access or recover your wallet from other devices.

Where are Passkeys Stored?

Your passkey is associated with the iCloud or Google account you're signed into when creating your SWIFT wallet.

We don’t recommend editing or deleting your passkey. If you do, you could lose access to your wallet and all funds.

Note on Apple devices: Ensure your Password and Keychain is turned “ON”. This will ensure your passkey is saved to your iCloud account, making recoverability possible on other devices. To do this, go to:

How to Recover Your SWIFT Wallet

Passkeys are advantageous because they are securely saved to your password management system—meaning you can access or recover your SWIFT wallet from other devices. This is also helpful if you accidentally delete your wallet on an existing device.

Let’s have a look at how to recover your wallet.

Recovering Your SWIFT Wallet on an Apple device

Before you start, ensure you are signed into the iCloud account associated with your passkey.

Group 1424358415.png

Recovering Your SWIFT Wallet on an Android device

Before you start, ensure that you’re signed into the Google Play store account (your Google account) associated with your passkey.

Group 1424358414.png

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use passkeys instead of a secret phrase or password?

Passkeys are more secure than passwords and safer than traditional secret phrases. This is because they are less vulnerable to phishing attacks, and less prone to getting lost—as they are associated with your device and biometric data.

Passkeys are protected on your device by your fingerprint or face biometrics, and uses your cloud account to sync across devices you sign into with your cloud account. This makes your SWIFT secure and recoverable. In short, passkeys streamline access and recoverability to your SWIFT wallet.

What happens if I lose access to my device or my iCloud/Google account?

If you lose access to your device, you can recover your SWIFT wallet on another device as long as you have access to your iCloud or Google account. If not, please use the recovery process for Apple or Google, and be sure to follow up with their appropriate support teams for assistance.

Can I import a wallet from my Apple device to an Android device and vice versa?

Not currently, as passkeys created on either Apple or Android devices are not cross-ecosystem compatible. Apple and Google are reported to be working on a solution, however, until then users would have to use the identical ecosystem they used for creation to import the wallet.

Where is the passkey stored on my device?

Do I need to back up my passkey?

Your passkey is automatically saved to your device's password manager, so they are backed up by default. You can however, take further steps to export your passkey on Android or share with a contact group on iCloud—keeping in mind that only your biometrics can access your passkey, keeping it safe.

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