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Trust Wallet vs Zengo Wallet: Feature Comparison

Published on: Aug 17, 2023
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In Brief

Compare Trust Wallet and Zengo Wallet to choose the best option for your digital assets. Explore features, security, usability, and supported cryptos.

Trust Wallet vs Zengo Wallet: Feature Comparison

Cryptocurrency wallets offer a safe and secure place to manage and store digital assets. There are numerous crypto wallet options that you can choose from. However, you must choose one that fits your needs.

Although many wallets have multi-currency support, key differences remain among the leading digital asset wallets. Trust Wallet, for instance, supports 10M+ digital assets across 80 blockchains. On the other hand, Zengo, which is also a multi-currency wallet, supports 70+ digital assets.

Besides the number of digital assets it can support, Trust Wallet has numerous powerful features and functionalities that set it apart from Zengo Wallet, making it the best Zengo alternative.

In this guide, we’ll compare Trust Wallet and Zengo Wallet to establish why Trust Wallet is the best alternative to Zengo. Read on to learn more.


What Sets Trust Wallet Apart from Zengo Wallet

Both wallets offer various key features and functionalities. However, there are reasons why Trust Wallet still takes the lead. We’ll look at the features of each below and highlight what sets Trust Wallet apart from Zengo Wallet.

Security and Safety

What Zengo Wallet Offers:

What Sets Trust Wallet Apart:

Usability and User Experience

What Zengo Wallet offers:

What sets Trust Wallet apart:

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Let’s now look at what both wallets offer regarding the cryptocurrencies and Web3 features they support.

What Zengo offers

What sets Trust Wallet apart:

As a multichain wallet, Trust Wallet supports 10M+ digital assets. Besides the major cryptocurrencies, Trust Wallet also supports other Layer-2 tokens. Below are some of the major crypto assets the wallet supports:

Supported Blockchains

What Zengo offers:

What Sets Trust Wallet Apart:

Feature-by-Feature Comparison

Now that we know what sets Trust Wallet apart, let’s take a look at a side-by-side comparison of both Trust Wallet and Zengo in terms of features:



Tax Tools

Discover Airdrops

Web3 dApp Browser

NFT Support

Setting Price Alerts

Whitelisting Wallet Addresses

ChatGPT Powered Support Bot

Advantages of Trust Wallet

There are many reasons why Trust Wallet is the best Zengo alternative. Below are some advantages of Trust Wallet:

Free to use

Multi-asset wallet

Private and secure

Feature-packed and user-friendly

Trust Wallet Browser Extension


When choosing a crypto wallet, it’s important to look at what each wallet offers. Looking at both Trust Wallet and Zengo, it’s clear that Trust Wallet stands out as the preferred crypto choice as it has incorporated multiple free security features. Moreover, it’s easy to use and supports 10M+ digital assets across 80 blockchains. Although both wallets are multi-asset wallets, Trust Wallet allows you to swap and stake a lot more than Zengo. With its integrated tax tools, you can easily ensure you are on top of your crypto taxes.

The Discover section allows you to browse dApps and DeFi applications and discover airdrop opportunities. You can set price alerts for your favorite tokens, whitelist your trusted wallet addresses to ease sending of crypto, and get support from a ChatGPT-powered support bot.

As always, remember to always do your own research (DYOR) before you invest in any cryptocurrency.

Download Trust Wallet today and experience its enhanced security features as you safely explore Web3.

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