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Trust Wallet x Unstoppable Domains: 10k Web3 Domains Giveaway!

Published on: Jul 18, 2023
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In Brief

Secure your free .trust.wallet Web3 domain with Trust Wallet and Unstoppable Domains! Claim your unique domain and enhance your digital experience in the decentralized web.

Trust Wallet x Unstoppable Domains: 10k Web3 Domains Giveaway!

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Trust Wallet and Unstoppable Domains are excited to announce that Trust Wallet users can now get a free .trust.wallet Web3 domain! Be among the first 10,000 users to claim your unique domain with Trust Wallet and Unstoppable Domains, such as, and use it in Trust Wallet to transfer crypto and personalize your digital identity. Keep reading to learn how to join this amazing opportunity.

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What are Web3 Domains?

Web3 domains represent a breakthrough in digital ownership and control. Powered by blockchain technology, these domains provide enhanced security, privacy, and ownership compared to traditional domains. Web3 domains give people a user-owned, secure, and portable identity for Web3. Use your domain to build your Web3 identity, login to dApps, send crypto and replace long wallet addresses, build websites you fully own and more. With Trust Wallet and Unstoppable Domains partnering up for this Web3 domain giveaway, Trust Wallet users get the chance to secure their own piece of the decentralized web, paving the way for more accessible blockchain-based content and applications.

By participating, you join a growing community working towards a free and decentralized digital future. Embrace this exciting opportunity and claim your .trust.wallet Web3 domain now!

How to Participate

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity for Trust Wallet users! Follow these simple steps to claim your free .trust.wallet Web3 domain:

Step 1: Download Trust Wallet

Step 2: Visit the Unstoppable Domains website

Step 3: Check the availability of your desired domain (e.g.,

Step 4: Claim your chosen domain and verify your eligibility for the offer by looking for a notification or email*

Promotion Period: 2023-07-18 16:00 (UTC) to 2023-07-27 13:00 (UTC)

Don't wait! This limited-time campaign is only available to the first 10k users who claim their free Web3 domain. Seize the opportunity to enhance your digital identity with a unique domain from Trust Wallet and Unstoppable Domains, harnessing the power of decentralization.

Terms & Conditions:

Simple and convenient
to use, seamless to explore

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