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Introducing Trust Wallet SWIFT: The Easiest Way to Start Exploring Web3

Опубликовано: Feb 19, 2024Обновлено: Feb 28, 2024

Discover Trust Wallet SWIFT: The easiest way to start in Web3. Learn how it uses account abstraction to provide a seamless and secure Web3 experience.

Introducing Trust Wallet SWIFT: The Easiest Way to Start Exploring Web3

Key takeaways:


Making Web3 More Accessible

Our mission is to build a seamless Web3 hub and open ecosystem for everyone. Today, we're excited to announce a key addition to our ecosystem to further that mission: Trust Wallet SWIFT (Beta).

SWIFT is a Smart Contract Wallet powered by Account Abstraction. The new wallet is designed to address common challenges faced by Web3 beginners, including complexity, security concerns, and private key management. But it doesn’t stop there because while SWIFT makes things seamless for beginners, it also alleviates common frustrations for crypto-natives.

For instance, SWIFT’s gas fee abstraction feature accepts gas for transactions in over 200 tokens—350% more than the current market offers. Also, with features like one-click transactions and biometric-protected Passkeys, SWIFT makes Web3 both easier and safer for the next wave of users.


SWIFT establishes new benchmarks for Smart Contract wallets by enhancing user experience and security from the ground up. Security has been a cornerstone from the design phase, incorporating thorough internal audits, external reviews by Halborn and Certik, and continuous smart contract monitoring support from Ancilia. This robust security approach ensures that users, whether new or experienced, can navigate Web3 with confidence and safety.

At launch, SWIFT continues Trust Wallet’s multi-chain tradition by supporting seven low-cost and scalable major EVM chains, including Arbitrum, Polygon, BSC, opBNB, Base, Optimism, and Avalanche, with plans to add more. Additionally, to help users experience the power of Account Abstraction, Trust Wallet has added gas fee discounts with TWT token and gas fee sponsorship with partners for the beta testing phase.

Note: TWT discount is not directed towards UK citizens.

Rollout for Trust Wallet SWIFT (Beta) starts on February 19th 2024, and will be fully available worldwide by February 20th, 2024. Be sure to check for updates for availability in your region.

Getting Started with SWIFT

With the addition of SWIFT, users have the choice to use the new simplified smart contract wallet experience or our original wallet experience which is already Trusted by over 80 million users. You also have the freedom to use both, and switch between the two anytime you’d like.

Be sure to get the most updated version of Trust Wallet to access SWIFT.


How to Add a SWIFT Wallet If You’re New to Trust Wallet

Once you have the latest version of Trust Wallet installed here’s how to create a SWIFT wallet.


How to Add a SWIFT Wallet If You Already Have Trust Wallet

From your wallet’s home screen select the wallet selector ‘downward pointing arrow’.


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