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SuperVerse and the SUPER Token: Explained

Published on: Apr 18, 2024
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In Brief

Explore our beginner's guide to SuperVerse. Navigate the world of SUPER and what it brings to Web3.

SuperVerse and the SUPER Token: Explained

SuperVerse is a project that aims to redefine Web3 and crypto gaming—and at the heart of this revolution lies the SUPER Token, which serves as the backbone of the SuperVerse ecosystem. In this guide we’ll explore the SuperVerse ecosystem, how to buy the SUPER token using Trust Wallet, and much more.

Before You Get Started

Before you explore SuperVerse in more detail, it’s important to remember that you can buy, swap, send or receive SUPER using Trust Wallet.

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What is SuperVerse?

SuperVerse, previously known as SuperFarm, emerged in 2021. SuperVerse is a crypto project that aims to revolutionize the way we interact with digital assets, particularly focusing on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and crypto gaming. At its core, SuperVerse provides a decentralized platform where users can create, trade, and engage with NFTs in a variety of contexts, including gaming, digital art, collectibles, and more.

SuperVerse seeks to break down the barriers to entry often associated with traditional gaming and digital asset markets by providing a user-friendly interface and leveraging the security and transparency of blockchain technology. Through SuperVerse, users can explore new avenues of creativity, ownership, and value exchange within the evolving landscape of Web3.

How Does SuperVerse Work?

SuperVerse aims to revolutionize Web3 by making it more accessible and engaging through NFTs and gamified experiences. SuperVerse operates as an integrated ecosystem designed to be the one-stop shop for all things NFTs and crypto gaming. Imagine a single control center for both the NFT marketplace and engaging crypto games. That's where SuperVerse comes in. This underlying protocol acts as the foundation, ensuring everything functions cohesively.

What does SuperVerse bring to Web3?

SuperVerse strives to be a game-changer in Web3 by tackling two key areas: accessibility and user experience. Here's how they aim to revolutionize the space:

Bridging the Gap

SuperVerse recognizes the potential barrier Web3's complexity presents to new users. By offering a unified platform encompassing both GigaMart (NFT marketplace) and Impostors (social-gaming metaverse), they create a familiar and engaging environment.


GigaMart empowers NFT enthusiasts with advanced tools, streamlining the trading process. Impostors bridges the gap between traditional (Web2) and Web3 gaming through its fun and social gameplay. This user-centric approach aims to attract new users to Web3 by making it less intimidating and more enjoyable.

The rebranding from SuperFarm to SuperVerse signifies a strategic shift towards a more practical and user-friendly platform. Their focus extends beyond just crypto-enthusiasts, aiming to make Web3 accessible and valuable for everyone, regardless of their prior blockchain experience.

In essence, SuperVerse offers a user-friendly gateway into the world of Web3 through a combination of familiar experiences, engaging games, and a powerful governance token.

The SUPER Token Explained

The SUPER token is an Ethereum-based token that serves as the native utility token of the SuperVerse ecosystem, underpinning its decentralized economy. It plays a pivotal role in facilitating various transactions, incentivizing participation, and driving governance decisions within the platform.

The SUPER token operates on a transparent and equitable tokenomics model, with a predetermined distribution mechanism designed to ensure widespread accessibility and fair allocation. Through strategic partnerships, ecosystem incentives, and community-driven initiatives, the SUPER token is distributed to stakeholders across the SuperVerse ecosystem.

Token Allocation Breakdown

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 SUPER

Founders & Advisors (10%): 100,000,000 SUPER

Vesting Schedule: 12 month cliff followed by a 24 month linear unlock. Note: No SUPER tokens have been accessed by the founders or advisors since launch.

Development (10%): 100,000,000 SUPER

Vesting Schedule: 12 month cliff followed by a 24 month linear unlock. Note: The team opted to keep all development funds locked, exceeding initial tokenomics plans.

Ecosystem (9%): 90,000,000 SUPER

Unlocked: ~33,750,000 SUPER (3.3%) Vesting Schedule: 12 month cliff followed by a 24 month linear unlock. Note: A portion of unlocked SUPER is used for liquidity on various exchanges and blockchains.

NFT Drops (5%): 50,000,000 SUPER

Unlocked: ~3,412,827 SUPER (6.8%) Vesting Schedule: 12 month cliff. Note: Users utilized unlocked SUPER for drops associated with EllioTrades and SuperFarm Genesis NFT collections.

Staking (25%): 250,000,000 SUPER

Unlocked: ~5,500,000 SUPER (2.2%) Vesting Schedule: 12 month cliff. Note: Active participants in existing farms received distributed unlocked SUPER as rewards. No team tokens were utilized for staking, ensuring fair distribution to the community.

Liquidity (1%): 10,000,000 SUPER

Unlocked: 10,000,000 SUPER (100%) Note: All tokens in this allocation were used for initial liquidity at launch.

Seed Round (5%): 50,000,000 SUPER

Unlocked: ~31,916,829 SUPER (63.6%) Vesting Schedule: 6 month cliff followed by a 24 month linear unlock (15% unlocked at TGE).

Private Sale Rounds (45%):

SUPER Token Use Cases

Some of the SUPER token use cases include:

How to Buy SuperVerse (SUPER) Using Trust Wallet

You can buy crypto, including SUPER, using Trust Wallet, via our trusted partners. Here’s how:


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